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How to maintain the welding positioner?

The welding positioner is an important part of the automatic welding center, requiring frequent maintenance and maintenance. If the welding positioner is not maintained and maintained for a long time, it will have a valuable impact on its rotation accuracy and speed. So how to maintain the welding positioner in daily use?

1. After each welding of the workpiece, the welding slag and flux on the worktable should be removed in time to ensure that the welding positioner workbench will not cause unnecessary chemical reactions with the remaining welding slag.

2. Before each use of the device, you need to check the rotating gear, turning gear, and cable. If there is dirt on the rotating gear and the turning gear, it needs to be removed in time; otherwise, it will affect the accuracy of the turning and turning of the welding positioner. If the cable is broken, broken, or removed, it should be repaired immediately. If it cannot be repaired, a new cable should be replaced.

How to maintain the welding positioner?

3. Before working on the equipment, check whether there are other objects in the workpiece turning range to avoid knocking.

4. The rotary table's rotation and bearing of the worktable smooth, whether there is any abnormal noise, and the bearing should be replaced if worn.

5. Check the oil level of the gearbox once a month. When the oil level is lower than the indicator line, it needs to be added in time. To ensure the accuracy of the welding positioner, replace all reducers' oil at least once a year. The slewing bearing needs to be filled with grease once every six months.

6. Welding positioners are developed and designed by professional companies on the mechanical part and electrical control system, so it is absolutely not easy to install or modify them.

7. A detailed inspection of the welding positioner must be carried out every day to ensure the rotation flexibility between each moving part. It is best to have a corresponding record. Convenient to find the cause of the problem.

8. Check the distribution box, if there is dust, it should be removed in time, and check whether the terminals are firm, if there is any looseness, it should be fastened in time.

Linkage of welding positioner and welding robot

9. Of course, the correct operation process can also increase the service life of the welding positioner:

9.1. Observe the safety operation rules of welders.

9.2. When installing and disassembling the workpiece, check whether the round pressure plate has been taken out and whether the pressure plate has returned to the position to prevent the workpiece from damaging the fixture.

9.3. When hoisting the workpiece, it must be stable and level, without large swings, to prevent the workpiece from colliding with the fixture, so as not to damage the fixture.

9.4. When lifting the workpiece, it must be installed securely before the sling can be removed from the workpiece.

9.5. When disassembling the workpiece, the workpiece must be stabilized with a sling before releasing the workpiece.

9.6. When the workpiece falls on the fixture, it should be handled gently, and there should be no excessive impact on the fixture and the positioner.

9.7. Workpiece installation must be positioned according to the requirements. The nuts and bolts of all fixtures must be tightened, and the pressure plate pressed. After the installation is complete, a trial rotation is required to check and confirm that it is stable before the official operation.

9.8. Before turning, check whether there are other objects in the working rotation range to avoid a collision.

9.9. After the workpiece is turned to the working position, the power switch must be turned off to cut off the power to prevent misoperation.

9.10. Workpiece installation must pay attention to the work center and must not deviate from the center of gravity.

9.11. It is not allowed to be overweight or overloaded.

9.12. When the workpiece needs to be climbed and welded, the climb pedal must be used, and the climb pedal must be placed securely before climbing operation.

10. Before operating the welding positioner, the moving parts must be carefully checked to check whether the parts are completely normal.

11. The personnel who operate the welding positioner must undergo strict training before they can formally take up their posts.

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