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How to protect a welding positioner?

Please notice the protection details of the positioner as the following shows:

1. Check and repair the welding positioner regularly, fill lubricant half a year.

2. Check the oil level of the reducer every month. Full fill timely when the oil level is lower than the indication line, change the oil of all reducers every year.

3. Check the positioner working environment before the operation. Remove the objects within the accessible range of workpiece inversion to avoid a collision.

welding positioner

4. When assembling and disassembling the workpiece to the welding positioner, check the circular plate has been taken out or not, check the ejector rod has been returned or not, to prevent the workpiece damaging the clamp. When hoisting the workpiece to the welding positioner, avoid swing drastically, to prevent the workpiece from damaging the clamp.

5. Softly put the workpiece on the welding positioner clamp, avoid impact too much on the clamp and positioner; after finish the welding work, please power off to avoid some accident.

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