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How to purchase a good welding positioner?

Welding positioner is a kind of auxiliary equipment welding workpiece. It is mainly used for workpiece displacement welding. With the operation of the welding positioner, it can realize the ideal welding position and improve welding efficiency. The welding positioner can be used with many other type machines to form an automatic welding line. In addition, the welding positioner can be used for workpiece displacement in welding. At present, there are many kinds of positioners in the market, now Huafei CNC helps you choose a cost-effective welding positioner.

welding positioners

First of all, we should check the function of the positioner. It is necessary to confirm whether it works curve or straight when carrying out the specified translation or vertical instructions; in addition, it is also necessary to confirm it is continuous or intermittent when it carrying out the rotation instruction. Generally, we choose a positioner which can realize continuous turning in straight.

Secondly, we should check the overall speed when the positioner working, it is fast or slow, it is constant speed or variable speed, this is necessary.

Thirdly, we need to confirm the stability and accuracy of the positioner when it working. Except for this advice, we should confirm the positioner spare parts are all in a good performance.

The last but most important, a good positioner qualified the function of self-locking, which can ensure safety when carrying out some turning or tilting instructions.