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Common fault problems and solutions of welding positioner

Huafei CNC analyzes the common problems and solutions of welding positioners for everyone, as follows:

First, the power indicator is not on, and the positioner cannot work normally

1. The power cord is not plugged in properly. Check the power cord and plug it in again.

2. The power switch is damaged. Replace the power switch.

3. The fuse is blown. Replace the fuse. Note that sometimes the surface of the fuse does not appear to be burnt out, but it can no longer be conducted. It must be measured with a multimeter. It is recommended to replacing the fuse again.

welding positioner

Second, the power indicator is off, the positioner works normally

1. Reset the power indicator. Reinstall the power indicator.

2. The power indicator is damaged. Replace the power indicator.

Third, the power indicator is on, the positioner cannot work normally

1. The sett of the time relay base (with time control function) caused the circuit to become loose, and the time relay base was re-fixed.

2. The connector line of the potentiometer is not strong. Check the line of the potentiometer and plug it again.

Fourth, the foot switch is not sensitive to low speeds

1. The alignment of the foot switch is prone to oxidation after a long period. If the machine is running at a low speed, the foot switch may not be sensitive about use. Turn on the foot switch and perform re-scraping to restore normal.

Five. The positioner keeps turning, can't stop, can't adjust the speed

1. After turning on the power, the positioner keeps turning and cannot stop, the speed control switch does not work, and some interfaces of the potentiometer are loose. As a result, the positioner can only run continuously at one speed. Plugin strength.

2. After inserting the upper foot switch, the positioner does not rotate or the positioner keeps turning but cannot be stopped by the foot switch, but the speed switch can adjust the speed. At this time, it is the foot switch. There is a problem with the closing of the sensor. After opening the foot switch, check whether the contact is correct and perform maintenance.

Six, the time relay does not work

1. The light of the time relay does not light up, and the time relay also does not work. The reason is that the power interface of the time relay is loose. Check the interconnected line interface on the time relay, and use a multimeter to ensure that the line is back to normal.

2. The time relay light is on and the positioner does not turn. Reason: The time relay is not set properly, and the machine cannot obtain the time controls signal under 0000 statuses. The time relay is set based on the value in front of the sett "H / M / S", for example: "20M30" means 20 minutes and 30 seconds, especially in the "S" state. When sett the time, pay attention to the value in front of "S". If "00S60" is set, it is equivalent to 0.6 seconds. 0.6 seconds is a period, which will cause the illusion that the positioner cannot operate normally.

3. After rotating around one cycle, the time relays stops the machine and no longer rotates. You need to press the green relays to switch on the control box, and the machine will rotate again.

4. In the state of the foot switch (FOOT) control, the time relay does not work, which is normal.