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Rescue measures for CNC cutting machine with large cutting error

Because the flame cutting speed is slow, the preheating time is long, and the steel plate absorbs too much heat, it will thermally deform. It can be solved according to the shape and experience of the part when preparing the CNC cutting program. In actual operation, there is still a situation where the error is large, how to deal with this situation?

The error of the flame cutting machine and the plasma cutting machine is different. The error of the flame cutting machine is a lot of manual control factors, including the adjustment of the flame, the control of the air pressure, the control of the cutting speed, etc. Also, the dirt on the surface of the steel plate is cleaned before cutting Clean, do one-time forming when cutting, try not to repeat cutting repeatedly.

Chinese CNC plasma drilling and cutting table

The factors that affect the quality of the plasma CNC cutting machine and cause dimensional errors in its cutting are as follows:

If the flatness of the plate is particularly bad, the size is easy to change after cutting; for long strips with large length and width, the common side cutting is used, the long side is cut first, the steel plate is cooled, and then the short head is cut.

Gantry CNC oxy-fuel gas flame cutting strip machine

Although the cutting effect of the CNC flame cutting machine is greatly improved compared with traditional cutting, sometimes it will still show some inevitable errors. Using a computer as a means of program transmission can be used both as a tool for automatic programming and as a tool for program transmission. Because the disk method uses special electronic hardware devices, the development is expensive. The reliability is not high, which affects production efficiency. With the reduction of computer prices and the advancement of computer anti-interference functions, the application of computers in program transmission has become a more economical and reliable way.

The CNC cutting machines introduced in the early days have good reliability. At present, most of them can still meet production needs. If the problem of program input is not solved, the direct economic loss will be very large. CNC cutting machines are widely used for their high precision and high efficiency.

In the cutting process, the internal stress of the material will follow the removal of the material. The local internal stress will be released and redistributed, which will cause the displacement and deformation of the steel plate and cause the cutting size to be out of tolerance.