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Desk type CNC drilling and cutting all-in-one machine

Advantages:Table type CNC plasma drilling and cutting machine has vertical and horizontal driving functions, is driven by a precision gear bar, and is equipped with an imported reducer. During the design, we eliminated the backlash and further ensured the accuracy of drilling and cutting.
Scope of Application:Cutting processing of pipeline structural parts in construction, chemical industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electric power, and other industries.
Brief Intro:The table type CNC plasma drilling and cutting machine is a unique cutting device that combines drilling and plasma flame cutting. It can control the drilling and cutting of the plate at one time through the control of the CNC program, eliminating the complicated process.


The price of the machine will be different due to factors such as parameters and configuration. For specific prices, please contact our sales staff. He will help you choose the appropriate parameters and configurations and will give you a quotation.

Product introduction:

  The design and development of the table type CNC plasma drilling and cutting machine fully consider the two different processing technology features of CNC cutting and CNC drilling to ensure the rigidity and stability requirements during drilling.

  QGZ-III table type CNC plasma drilling and cutting machine can resolve many problems caused by drilling steel plates after being cut by plasma or flame. It combines cutting and drilling to reduce process steps. Raw material becomes finished part by proceeding at one time. The efficiency and precision are increased significantly. And the cost of delivery, power, and human resources is reduced.


1. The whole machine adopts a bench-top welded structure, which is driven on both sides. The track base is made of 80 * 25mm high manganese steel plate through precision machining. The rack and pinion are all quenched, which greatly improves the toughness and hardness of the running parts. All quenching and fine grinding parts are treated with imported chemical antirust oil, precision tooling automatically matches and meshes. It has the characteristics of high strength, high precision, and not suitable for deformation.

2. Beams, linear guides, and all moving structural parts are made of alloy precision casting and precision milling, which has the characteristics of high strength and light inertia. Double-axis wear-resistant load-bearing guide. A four-bearing maintenance-free slider module is standard. High speed, fine, stable, durable.

3. The dust removal and exhaust system are equipped as standard, adopting shallow water stainless steel sink or dust removal air curtain to remove smoke and dust. Keep the site environment clean to prevent pollution emissions.

4. The FS2300S numerical control system adopts an advanced numerical control system developed by Shanghai Jiaotong University, which can automatically convert and generate cutting programs, and the operation is very simple. The 17-inch industrial VGA high-brightness LCD colors to display, 2G operating memory, intelligent storage of cutting graphics, built-in cutting compensation, cutting macro library, easy to operate.

5. It can cut through 0.5mm-30mm perforation, and cut 40mm metal material on the edge. It adopts cool methods such as air cool and water cool and is equipped with imported metal cutting torches as standard, which completely solves the problem of easy burnout of the cutting torch. With built-in arc pressure adjustment, kerf compensation, arc extinguishing return, anti-collision system, it can work continuously for 24 hours.

6. Digital control of the driver, optional Japanese Panasonic servo motor and driver, walking self-feedback system, strong anti-interference, and fast response speed, high running accuracy, closed-loop control without losing steps, long service life.

Technical parameters:

Model No.1530
Cutting Width(mm)15001800
Machine Width(mm)2000
Cutting Length(mm)3000
Machine Length(mm)4000
Control SystemUSA Micro EDGE pro,Chinese Brand F2300\F2500 or chosen by customer
Plasma Power SourceUSA famous power source or chosen by customer
Cutting ThicknessSee also relative plasma power source information
Drilling Vertical Distance≤120 mm
Drilling Vertical Speed≤ 120 mm / S Driven by servo motor(Optional Pneumatic feeding )
Drill Turning Speed50-1200 n / min Frequency control(Can choose specific speed )
Drill Diameter≤12 mm
Drilling Hole Depth2 - 30 mm
Drill Hole Position Accuracy±0.15
Cutting PlatformCutting platform with water tank, fit for plasma cutting and drilling .( optional exhaust system)
Cooling System and Blowing Dust DeviceOptional

  • CNC plasma drilling and cutting machine detail
  • CNC plasma drilling and cutting machine detail
  • CNC plasma drilling and cutting machine detail
  • CNC plasma drilling and cutting machine detail
  • CNC plasma drilling and cutting machine detail
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