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Ring type rotary welding positioner

Advantages:Stepless speed regulation by frequency converter, high-speed regulation accuracy.
Scope of Application:Special off-road vehicle chassis flip, welding, and assembly of various parts have been achieved. The turning angle of the turning machine can meet ± 180 ° turning, stopping and fixing at any angle.
Brief Intro:Through the lifting, turning and turning of the working table, the ring-type rotary welding positioner can make the workpiece fixed on the working table reach the required welding and assembly angle.


The price of the machine will be different due to factors such as parameters and configuration. For specific prices, please contact our sales staff. He will help you choose the appropriate parameters and configurations and will give you a quotation.

Product introduction:

  The welding positioner is a special welding auxiliary equipment, which is suitable for welding displacement of rotary work to obtain the ideal processing position and welding speed. It can be used together with the welding manipulator and welding machine to form an automatic welding center. It can also be used for manual workpiece displacement. The rotary speed of the table is adjusted step-less by a frequency converter, and the speed regulation accuracy is high. The remote control box can realize the remote operation of the workbench, and can also be connected with the operating machine and welding machine control system to realize linkage operation. The welding positioner generally consists of a table rotation mechanism and a turning mechanism. Through the lifting, turning, and turning off the table, the workpiece fixed on the table can reach the required welding and assembly angle, Can get a satisfactory welding speed.

The main purpose of the equipment:

The chassis of the special off-road vehicle is turned over, and welding and assembly of various parts have been realized.

The turning angle of the turning machine can meet ± 180 ° turning, stopping, and fixing at any angle.

Overturning machine maximum frame weight capacity 20.0T.

Longest frame length range of overturning machine 21.0M.

Technical parameters:

Max loading weight(T)20
Turning motor power(KW)3*2
Workpiece turning speed(rpm)0.1-1(Frequency stepless speed regulation)
Partial load(kg)450
Workpiece turning angle(°)±360
Walking motor power(KW)0.55*2
Lifting motor power(KW)7.5*2
Hollow ring rotary tooling electric walking speed(mm/min)1600
Lifting speed(mm/min)100-400

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