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Double-head (multi-head) roll surfacing welding machine

Advantages:high degree of automation, high welding efficiency, small footprint, convenient maintenance, and power saving.
Scope of Application:It is widely used for surfacing repair of rolls, continuous casting rolls and squeeze rolls in surfacing steel plants and cement plants.
Brief Intro:Automatic roll welding equipment can be used for surfacing welding on the wear surface of rolls, surfacing of rolls or workpieces, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, other alloy materials, or repairing worn-out rolls.


Product introduction:

The double-head (multi-head) roll surfacing welding machine is mainly used for various types of continuous casting and continuous rolls, hot rolls, hot and cold back-up rolls, non-ferrous metal rolls, preliminary rolls, stand rolls, and other rollers in the steel industry. The welding method adopts submerged arc automatic welding.

overlying welding technology description:

Double-head (multi-head) roll surfacing welding machine

Technical Process: 

Roller rough machining → Ultrasonic crack detection → Preheat → Automatic submerged arc overlaying (keep heat) → Thermal treatment after overlaying → Roller surface finish machining → Hardness measurement on layers → Ultrasonic crack detection → Qualified and stored.

Rollers works in high temperature and alternating loaded hostile working environment is needed to be good at hot strength, heat 

fatigue resistance and wear-resisting.

While surfacing, the roller should be proceeded to preheat and cooling slowly then thermally treated, in this way, the roller can be easily 

proceeded and improved usability.

Submerged arc welding wire and flux: wire diameter Ф4mm or flux-core wire Ф3.2mm; sintered flux SJ107 or SJ108.

Submerged arc welding equipment: MZ-1000 submerged arc welding machine, electric heating furnace (annealing), and electric 

thermal insulation furnace, triple torch automatic welding machine, flux recycle system.


save costs and a good economy. When the substrate of the workpiece is made of ordinary materials and the surface is covered with a high alloy surfacing layer, not only the manufacturing cost is reduced, but also a lot of precious metals are saved.

Configuration form:

According to the requirements of the buyer on the welding and the condition of the workpiece, the equipment is configured as follows:

DHG1100 * 8000 Double-head roll surfacing welding machine1 Set
Shandong Aotai MZ-1000 Submerged Arc Welding Power Supply2 Sets

Dedicated overlay welding head

2 Sets
Dedicated water-cooled welding torch and water-cooled system2 Sets
Welding Oscillator2 Sets
Automatic flux recovery and conveying system2 Sets

Gas heating insulation cover

1 Set
Welding cable assembly (including towline)1 Set

Electrical control system

1 Set

Technical Parameters:



Workpiece weight


Adapt to the maximum length of the largest workpiece8000mm
Adapt to the largest roll diameter1100mm
Adapt to the maximum length of the roller bodyAccording to user requirements
Spindle speed0.06-1.2r/min(Stepless frequency conversion)
Welding gun horizontal moving speed0.1—4000mm/min(Stepless pulse servo speed regulation)
Torch return speed4000mm/min
Welding gun vertical adjustment (electric)500mm
Fine adjustment of welding torch±50mm
Working distance between two welding torches400mm

  • Double-head (multi-head) roll surfacing welding machine detail
  • Double-head (multi-head) roll surfacing welding machine detail
  • Double-head (multi-head) roll surfacing welding machine detail
  • Double-head (multi-head) roll surfacing welding machine detail
  • Double-head (multi-head) roll surfacing welding machine detail
  • Double-head (multi-head) roll surfacing welding machine detail
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