Service hotline:+86 18866411029
Service hotline:
+86 18866411029
Service hotline:+86 18866411029


  • We dare to promise

    one hour to get you started, 12 months of free maintenance.

  • 3 visits in 2 years

    (Shandong area, please refer to Huafei CNC service in other areas) (Home delivery, package installation, commissioning, training, package teaching package).

  • Included accessories

    one mobile U disk, five sets of cutting nozzle, one product manual, one set of graphics conversion software, one power cord and one set of through pins.

  • Service commitment

    The machine arrives at the buyer's place. When it is determined that the buyer has the installation conditions, the supplier immediately sends personnel to the site for installation and commissioning.

  • Personnel training

    The company will send experienced technical engineers to train operators and maintenance personnel for the demand side. Experience the system operation status in detail, communicate with users face-to-face and conduct reliable and effective fault prediction, problem tracking, exception elimination, and system optimization.

  • Warranty period

    The warranty period starts from the date when the installation and adjustment test is completed, and the equipment warranty period is one year. After the product itself are caused by the supplier, the supplier is responsible for solving them, and all costs are borne by the supplier. At the same time, the two parties agree to extend the warranty period appropriately. 

  • After-sales service

    If the machine fails, the supplier will give the buyer a technical solution within 2 hours after receiving the response. If the user cannot solve it by himself, the supplier's technical staff must rush to the site to eliminate the failure within 48 hours.

  • Equipment acceptance

    After the purchaser has completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the supplier and the purchaser shall jointly inspect the equipment for delivery.

  • Acceptance standards

    mechanical industry standards JB / T5102-99 "coordinate gas cutting machine", JB / T10045.3-1999 "quality and dimensional deviation of hot cutting gas cutting"

  • Service life

    The company promises that the equipment purchased from us will have an average service life of about 10 years, and the quality is assure


  • Huafei CNC promises to our customers

    The mainframe is guaranteed for one year and can provide on-site service. The equipment can be trained for the first time free of charge, and the warranty service will be operated within 24 hours according to the notice of the ordering party. The ordering party assists the contractor in carrying out the process;

  • Lifetime maintenance service

    Lifetime maintenance service and spare parts supply, free of charge during the warranty period (except for human factors and force majeure factors), and cost will be charged at the discretion after the warranty period.

  • Provide technical data

    The contractor provides the following technical data (instruction manual, certificate of conformity, electrical schematic diagram, etc.) to the ordering party.

  • Overseas Maintenance Services

    Dispatch an engineer to provide maintenance services for overseas equipment.

Other services

  • Strict factory inspection of equipment before leaving the factory, and provide a complete equipment manual.

  • The factory provides necessary equipment parts and spare parts.

  • After-sales service 24 hours online, service phone: 0531-61315088.

  • The company's after-sales service and maintenance department conducts a telephone return visit at regular intervals to ensure the use of equipment and problems.


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    Electronic Catalogue

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    After-sales Service Book

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