Service hotline:+86 18866411029
Service hotline:
+86 18866411029
Service hotline:+86 18866411029

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  • Talent concept is a company’s guiding ideology and values. HF is a good team in treasure , cherish, develop, arrange, retain and improve qualified personnel.

  • HF team is an open inclusive family with the tenet which is respecting people's value, developing people's potential and sublimating people's mind, the more excellent the more outstanding, everyone fight for his dream in this family.

  • HF is always aim to develop a team which can lead the market and orientation, full with sense of mission and responsibility.

  • HF team has 28 R& D engineers, with their supporting, we have service more than 26000 clients throughout 65 countries, export at least 60 million every year.

  • 26000

    Served Clients

  • 28

    Technology R&D Specialist

  • 6060Million

    Annual Export volume

  • 100

    Exported countries and areas