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How to solve the interference problem of CNC plasma cutting machine

Users often ask, why does the CNC plasma cutting machine show wavy patterns in the control system during cutting? Even occasionally, the phenomenon of random running occurs during cutting?

The solution is to ground the part of the ground that may be affected by interference.

A. The plasma cutting torch gas path is well away from the control system of CNC machine tools.

B. Use a wire to ground the plasma cutting machine power shell.

C. Ground the ground wire of the power supply unit of the driver. The shielded cable with copper and aluminum as the shield layer can effectively suppress high-frequency electromagnetic interference. After the shield layer is grounded, it can also suppress the electrostatic induction of the core wire by the changing electric field.

D. Connect the inlet of the control system or the inlet of the power supply of the plasma cutting machine with a filter. A filter is a device used to eliminate interference noise, and the input or output is filtered to obtain pure direct current. A circuit that effectively filters out a frequency point of a specific frequency or a frequency outside the frequency point is a filter, and its function is to obtain a specific frequency or eliminate a specific frequency.

E. The grounding of the CNC cutting machine shell; it is best to connect the ground wire to the bolt of the connecting part of the transfer line and the control card;

F. CNC plasma arc cutting machine tools occupy a large area, it is best to lay the grounding device separately (at least 3 meters under grounding); and the grounding device should be reliably connected to the machine tool rails, cabinets and even cable sliding brackets. In this way, the induced high-frequency interference voltage on the chassis has a low-impedance leakage channel, so that there is no possibility of accumulating charges and the chassis voltage is increased, which is safer for personnel and is beneficial to suppressing interference impact.

G. The strong and weak currents in the cabinet are strictly separated from each other. The voltage and current in the strong wires have a large rate of change, resulting in fierce electric field changes and electromagnetic interference, which has a serious impact on nearby signal lines and weak current control lines. Keep the signal wires away from strong wires, and use shielded wires and twisted pairs reasonably to avoid interference signals during signal transmission.

After comprehensive anti-interference treatment through the above methods, the interference of the plasma cutting machine power supply to the CNC machine tool can be greatly reduced, and the failure rate is greatly reduced. The only details that are introduced here are approximate methods. It is cumbersome to write all the details. These methods can completely solve the interference problem, if you have any questions, please contact us!